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Transparent glass-glass module.

  • Sichtbare Photovoltaik mit höchsten Erträgen.



The classic 
for BIPV roofing and facades

  • Highest yields 
  • Individual product layout
  • Mat or glossy surface 

Convincing details.

cell technology



made in Germany.

Transparent glass elements with integrated photovoltaic for spectacular BIPV-projects. The crystalline PV-cells are a striking design feature and communicate the use of renewable energy.

The individual product layout allows free choice of size and form. The level of transparency as well as the layout of the crystalline cells with highest efficiency levels can be chosen freely either. The use of design-PV-cells creates modules in different colors and varying effects. Special glasses and coatings can generate further functions and change the surface effect.

Transparent glass-glass modules SUNOVATION eFORM clear are especially used for large-scale glazing with integrated photovoltaic in overhead applications and as solar facades. However, they can be configured for fall protections, conservatories, canopies, artworks and much more.

Individual for
each project!

Color / Dimensions / etc.


Yet aesthetic.

Design options

Choice of transparency level

The overall appearance of a BIPV-plant with transparent glass-glass modules is characterized by its level of transparency. Characteristic for transparent solar modules with crystalline solar cells are the visibility of the individual solar cells and their shadowing. Light transmission and appearance can be determined upon request and area of application by cell size, number and layout of the cells.  

Choice of coloring

Our transparent modules with crystalline solar cells are available in a wide range of colors. Depending on the desired color and surface effect, special design cells or wafer-thin color overprinting of the solar cells are used. Thanks to the latest technology this procedure can be applied without a blatant loss of nominal power.

Selection of cells

Crystalline photovoltaic cells achieve the highest efficiency levels in comparison. Therefore, we are only using monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV-cells of renowned manufacturers. Apart form the classic black and blue PV-cells you can choose from a wide range of colored design cells. Also the use of bifacial PV-cells is possible in our glass-glass modules.

Cell layout

The layout of the cells in a transparent glass-glass module determines the transparency level and characterizes the appearance. Thanks to the individual production numerous cell layouts and decors can be provided. Due to comprehensive cell coverage they may also serve as shading elements.

Full edge design

For a particularly uniform surface effect it is possible to produce the glass-glass modules as full edge version. Through the application of customized PV-cells, the cell pattern of the individual modules optically reaches the glass edge. This makes in particular sense in installation situations where the transparent solar modules frameless adjoin.  

Rear-side cell coverage

In applications that allow an open view to the rear-side, the rear side of the cells can be covered by selective screen-printing. This will enable to transfer the front appearance of module to the rear side. This is an appealing option for insulating facades, balustrades and transparent BIPV-overhead glazing.



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