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SUNOVATION presents new product line

Glass based, light-weight solar modules

The SUNOVATION GmbH, leading manufacturer of
innovative photovoltaic solutions, is expanding its portfolio to include
glass-based modules.

The new product line is a response to the growing demand for glass modules from customers in the
architectural field. It is particularly adapted to modern façade design with solar elements and sensational
roofing with integrated electricity generation. Sunovation® glass-glass modules are made of two sheets of glass
which create a permanently elastic compound with embedded solar cells using a special production
The uniqueness of these solar modules lies in the multiple design possibilities which allow them to be used as
an aesthetic design and construction element. Sunovation® modules are made based on customer
specifications. By purposely avoiding standard sizes, the company can offer customized solutions for customerand
project-specific conditions.

"Our customers appreciate the flexibility that we offer with our tailor-made modules. They can be ideally
adapted to the conditions at hand, which is a basic requirement for perfectly integrating them with already
existing construction elements as well as new ones," says Heribert Ley, CEO of SUNOVATION GmbH.
Sunovation® glass-glass modules can also be individually adapted to the project through form, color, degree of
transparency and cell arrangement. Discerning, design-oriented customers are given more latitude for carrying
out unusual photovoltaic projects beyond the standard.