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Exclusive 6,000 m² BIPV glass roof by architect Renzo Piano Building Workshops

Opening of the Russian Art Museum GES-2 in Moscow

Elsenfeld, December 2021 - On December 4th 2021, the GES-2 House of Culture of the V-A-C Foundation will open in the center of Moscow. The former power station from the early 20th century was restored according to a design by the renowned architect Renzo Piano Building Workshops and transformed into an imposing "cathedral of light" through the use of building-integrated photovoltaics. In the process, the historic appearance of the building was taken up and modernized according to the principles of sustainable architecture.

An exclusive 6,000 m² glass roof made of building-integrated photovoltaics with an output of ~1.2 MWp replaces the original glass roof. Renzo Piano chose semi-transparent glass-glass modules from Sunovation, which were individually manufactured according to his designs. With over 300 different geometries, the glass-glass modules were precisely adapted to the existing historical building structure. The design of the glass-glass modules played a fundamental role alongside the technical specifications. In order to perfectly integrate them into his design of a light-flooded building, Renzo Piano opted for a degree of transparency of ~20% as well as an individual design of the PV cells. Their appearance was refined in shape and color by imprints in shades of gray and white on different glass layers. The realization of this exclusive design was made possible by the special production process of the module manufacturer Sunovation, which offers the greatest variety of individualization options in the field of customized BIPV modules.

Photo: © Michel Denancé

Official Opening of EXPO 2020 Dubai

Main attractions equipped with >13,000 m² of SUNOVATION BIPV modules

Elsenfeld, October 2021 - On October 1st 2021, the World EXPO 2020 Dubai has officially been opened after a one-year delay due to the global Corona pandemic. Two major projects were equipped with SUNOVATION eFORM glass-glass modules: TERRA - Sustainability Pavilion and the official ENOC Filling Station of the Future - together more than 13,000 m² of customized building-integrated photovoltaic modules made in Germany.

TERRA - Sustainability Pavilion:

Designed by Grimshaw architects, the impressive Terra Sustainability Pavilion and its accompanying eTrees are among the top 3 attractions at EXPO 2020 Dubai 2020. The ~12,600 m² BIPV roof consists of ~5,000 custom-made SUNOVATION eFORM glass-glass modules. These custom-designed, trapezoidal glass-glass modules enabled full occupancy of the circular roof, generating the required amount of energy for LEED certification.


ENOC Filling Station of the Future:

The official gas station of EXPO 2020 Dubai is the first LEED Platinum certified service station in the world. The ghaf tree shaped canopy is made of ETFE Cushion with integrated high-performance PV panels, ensuring above-average energy yield. 476 m² of customized high-performance SUNOVATION eFORM glass-glass-modules in rectangular and polygonal glass shapes are directly integrated into the unique roof.


SUNOVATION BIPV-colors: colored solar modules

New color range for colored photovoltaic facades

Elsenfeld, September 2021 - Due to steadlily increasing demand for colored pv-modules, SUNOVATION is expanding its color range. 50 new colors from 4 color worlds Earth, Sun, Ocean and Forest complement the existing range of colored glass-glass solar modules. The new SUNOVATION eFORM color range enables the implementation of aesthetic photovoltaic facades with highest performance.

Especially in the field of photovoltaic facades, solar modules with invisible photovoltaic technology and high PV performance are currently in demand. Glass-glass modules SUNOVATION eFORM have been developed to serve as building integrated photovoltaic modules and can be adapted to the building not only in terms of size, glass structure, etc. but also in terms of color. 50 new shades from 4 color worlds cover a wide range of colors and make it easy to plan a perfectly matching pv-facade. As usual, we are happy to customize individual colors as well - For maximum flexibility and individuality.

World Architecture Festival Awards 2021

Nomation of Sustainability Pavilion designed by Grimshaw Architects

Elsenfeld, August 2021 – Terra - Sustainability Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai , designed by Grimshaw Architects, has been nominated for the World Architecture Festival Award 2021. The glass roof of the pavilion which covers more than 8.000 m² is made by SUNOVATION. Currently, it is one of the largest BIPV solar roofs in the world.

It consists of individual, trapezoidal SUNOVATION eFORM clear glass modules that produce enormous amounts of energy while shading and cooling the expansive exhibition spaces inside. The Sustainability Pavilion is one of the main theme buildings of the Expo and will subsequently be used permanently as an exhibition and museum building.
At the international architecture festival "World Architecture Festival Award", the world's most outstanding architectural projects are presented and honored. It is an important address for the exchange of expertise and networking in the global architectural community and will take place in Lisbon, Portugal in December 2021.

Day of Architecture 2021

Presentation of the mobility station with photovoltaic facade in Bad Kreuznach

Elsenfeld, June 2021 - The project Mobil- und Infopunkt Bad Kreuznach will be presented at this year's "Day of Architecture" of the Chamber of Architects Rheinland-Pfalz. In keeping with the motto "Architecture shapes the future", it is equipped with a large-format, individual photovoltaic facade from SUNOVATION.



The building design by slb Architekten und Ingenieure has been selected in the national competition "Climate protection through cycling". It serves as a monitored bicycle parking garage and information point around e-mobility, cycling and sustainability. The facade consists of large-format facade glass and SUNOVATION eFORM clear glass-glass modules. The 221 m² photovoltaic facade consists of 44 extra-large glass-glass modules in 33 different sizes and geometries with module heights of >5 m and up to 6.7 m². The electricity generated is used to illuminate the parking garage and for the charging stations. This project has been funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) as part of the national climate protection initiative.

The "Day of Architecture 2021" will take place from June 26-27, 2021. For more information and the program, visit