eFORM unichrome

Colored glass-glass module.

  • Architekturglas mit unsichtbarer PV.



NEW - High-end solution for
BIPV facades and roofing

  • Premium product
  • Optimal integration
  • Mat or glossy

Convincing details.



choice of colors

building integrated photovoltaic.

Opaque, power generating architectural glasses with invisible PV-technology, an exceptionally superior look and best-in-class energy yields.

SUNOVATION eFORM unichrome is perfecting color solar modules for building integration. The employed photovoltaic-technology optically vanishes due to full-surface printing with UV-resistant and translucent special inks. The result is a glass-glass module that does not show its power-generating feature. Particularly interesting when photovoltaic is desired without dominating the design.

SUNOVATION eFORM unichrome are opaque and particularly suited for BIPV-projects, where opaque glass-glass modules are used. They convince in solar facades, shading solutions, fall protection and on roofs.

Individual for
each project!

Color / Dimensions / etc.


yet aesthetic.

Design options

Homogenous monochrome optic

SUNOVATION eFORM unichrome captivates through an absolutely homogeneous glass surface, which can be ideally integrated in the building shell. The glass-glass modules step back entirely and exude an optical calmness that is exceptional for solar modules. Perfectly suited for modern buildings that are ahead of their time.

Invisible photovoltaic

The solar cells and the silver connections between the solar cells are invisible for the viewer. Thus, the power-generating feature of the elements takes a complete backseat. The only thing visible is a high-quality surface of colored architectural glass.

Unlimited choice of colors

SUNOVATION eFORM unichrome are available in all imaginable colors. The front glasses of the glass-glass modules will be overprinted in a special printing process in the color requested by the customer. The color choice is coordinated in close cooperation with the customer. For a perfect result the choice of the ideal color shade is given close attention to.

eFORM unichrome is
the optimal solution for
high-grade architectural projects
with elegant aesthetics.



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