eFORM decor

Colored glass-glass module.

  • Dekorglas mit unsichtbarer PV


NEW – The next generation of
building integrated photovoltaic

  • Premium product
  • Absolute design flexibility
  • Mat or glossy

Convincing details.

motif and décor choice

visible PV


Building integrated
photovoltaic in a new guise.

SUNOVATION eFORM decor is the latest generation of building integrated photovoltaic and scores by diversity, individuality and design.

Even on a second glance one wouldn’t notice that these glass-glass modules generate power. Photovoltaic cells and technology are concealed behind an overprinted front glass. When it comes to design, the customer is almost completely free. The modules can have a finish with various decors, patterns, letterings or photos. Using mat cover glass allows exceptional results in imitating other materials. In this way it is possible to generate cutting-edge power generating building shells without having to make trade-offs on material choice and design.

SUNOVATION eFORM decor is opaque and therefore suitable for opaque applications. Thanks to their changeability they optimally integrate in any facade, shading and on-roof areas.  

Individual for
each project!

Color / Dimensions / etc.


yet aesthetic.

Design options

Convincing optic

With glass-glass modules SUNOVATION eFORM decor building integrated photovoltaic can be visually adapted to the look of other materials in the building shell. The use of special front glasses allows the creation of glossy and mat surface effects in various designs. This broadens the range of design options and opens architects undreamed freedom in design planning.

Invisible photovoltaic

Photovoltaic cells and live connections (bus bars) are completely covered through full-surface printing of the front glasses. Printing is done in a special procedure with long-term UV-resistant, outstandingly covering and at the same time translucent special inks. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable transparency of the colors, maximum PV-yields and aesthetics can be achieved.

Unlimited decor selection

SUNOVATION eFORM decor can be realized in any imaginable motif or decor. Motifs such as logos, letterings, and photos as well as decors such as concrete, stone and Corten-steel looks are executed in close cooperation with leading architects. This very individual decor choice allows an almost limitless diversity in the design of a facade.

eFORM decor is the most
innovative way to creatively
merge architecture
and photovoltaics.

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