eFORM color

Black glass-glass module.

  • Dezent sichtbare PV mit höchsten Erträgen.



Building integrated photovoltaics,
subtle but visible

  • Impressive colors
  • Vibrant surface effect
  • Highest energy yields

Convincing details.

visible PV

with cell structure



construction elements.

Opaque glass elements with visible PV technology and high yields. Choose from a large color range and either adapt the glass-glass modules to your building or consciously set accents. 

SUNOVATION eFORM combines colored solar cells with colored special glasses. By using printed rear glasses and partially printed front glasses, the color of the glass-glass modules is adapted to the crystalline solar cells. The result is a glass-glass module that captivates by its coloring and surface effect. The specific structure of the solar cells and its reflections create an interesting optical intensity, which gives this product its vividness.

SUNOVATION eFORM color is opaque and therefore ideally suited for curtain solar facades and building integrated photovoltaic on-roof systems, where light transmission is not desired.

Individual for
each project!

Color / Dimensions / etc.


yet aesthetic.

Design options


The color of SUNOVATION eFORM color is determined by the choice of the solar cell. The solar cell is visible in the glass-glass module and characterizes the overall look by its coloring and its surface effect. Choose from a wide range of crystalline solar cells in different colors, dimensions and designs. Apart from classic black and blue you can choose from shades of red, brown, green and grey.  


Single-colored with cell structure

The background color of the glass-glass modules is perfectly adapted to the selected solar cell with fully printed special glasses. You can choose from monocrystalline solar cells with a mat, calm surface and polycrystalline solar cells with their typical glossy and dynamic surface. Apart from the color selection, the look of a module is determined by the choice of the cell structure.

Subtly visible PV

By printing further layers, the current-carrying silver colored connections between the solar cells (bus bars) will be adapted to the module color as well. Thus, the solar cells take a backseat for an almost homogenous appearing surface effect.

Full edge Design

Due to the  electrical wiring in a glass-glass module, it is not possible to lay out the solar cells as far as the module edge. However, optionally the modules can be executed in full edge design. By using cut, inactive solar cells, the appearance is carried on until the module edge. This is particularly suited for large-scale glazing without visible fixing elements. 



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eFORM color is the
individual solution for
innovative projects with a
sophisticated design claim.

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