Multifunctional building elements
for roofing and facade 

  • Individually manufactured
  • Countless design options
  • Highest PV-yields


Seamlessly integrated or prominently placed – no matter if it is in existing or newly planned buildings. Due to its flexibility, glass-glass modules SUNOVATION eFORM allow creative freedom that makes special architecture. Outline your ideas - we will realize them! 

eFORM clear

Transparent glass-glass modules

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Transparent glass-glass modules with transparency level at choice and highest solar yields

eFORM color

Colored glass-glass module

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Colored glass-glass modules with subtly visible PV-cells and highest energy yields

eFORM unichrome

Colored glass-glass module

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High-quality, uniformly colored photovoltaic glasses without visible PV technology

Convincing features.

Individual BIPV solutions without limitations

Individual sizes and shapes

Glass-glass modules SUNOVATION eFORM are dimensioned and manufactured on a project-specific basis. Give free rein to your creativity; play around with geometries and dimensions. SUNOVATION eFORM is available in countless dimensions, from small format up to large-scale glass-glass modules with 5.000x2.000mm or 10m² per module.

Project-specific glass structure

The glass structure results from specific requirements of a project as well as from technical, static and legal parameters. Possible are asymmetrical glass compositions, laminated safety glass (VSG) as per Buildings Rules List, insulating glazing, colored, printed or coated glass with additional functions.

Excellent sound insulation

SUNOVATION eFORM glass-glass modules have integrated sound insulation. Thanks to their special silicone embedding technology, they have excellent sound insulation properties. The airborne sound insulation values achieved are even higher than those of comparable glass constructions with special sound insulation films. 

Optimal fire classification

According to EN 13501-1, SUNOVATION eFORM receives the highest possible fire classification for PV modules "Bs1d0". In accordance with UL 1703, Category A „Spread of Flame" and A „Burning Brand“ they have also been successfully tested. SUNOVATION eFORM glass-glass modules thus perfectly meet the fire classification requirements even of category 4 and 5 buildings.

Exceptional PV yields

By using crystalline cell technologies, highly transparent glass and a unique manufacturing process the glass-glass modules SUNOVATION eFORM achieve highest energy yields that remain stable in the long term.

Concealed connections

Glass-glass modules SUNOVATION eFORM are electricity generating architectural glasses. Electric cables are laid out and invisibly installed through hidden edge or back connections. To use the generated electricity, the bipv modules are wired by a competent electrician and connected to an inverter.

Simple installation

From a building law perspective an integrated photovoltaic system corresponds with a high-quality glass facade. For the installation numerous sub structures available on the market can be used. The installation is carried out by competent metalworkers experienced in facade engineering. 

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Manufacturing options SUNOVATION eFORM

Laminated Safety Glass (VSG)

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Insulating glass

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Curved glass

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Matt glass

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Coated glass

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